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Whipped and Fluffy Lavender Body Butter

Whipped and Fluffy Lavender Body Butter

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Handcrafted with care, this luxurious body butter offers a multitude of benefits for your skin. 

Indulge in the freshness of our handmade creation, meticulously prepared to provide you with a truly pampering experience. Our Lavender Body Butter is specially formulated to combat premature aging, targeting fine lines and wrinkles. Say goodbye to the signs of time and embrace a youthful, vibrant appearance.

Not only does our Lavender Body Butter fight aging, but it also possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties. Whether you struggle with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, or dry skin, our body butter is here to offer relief and nourishment. Soothe and calm your skin, allowing it to rejuvenate and regain its natural balance.

As a bonus, our Lavender Body Butter aids in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, promoting a smoother and more even skin texture. Additionally, it serves as an ideal companion for your daily makeup routine, helping your makeup last longer and remain flawless throughout the day.

With its versatile nature, our Lavender Body Butter is perfect for application on shaved areas, providing a gentle and moisturizing touch to soothe and revitalize your skin.

Embrace the power of our Whipped and Fluffy Lavender Body Butter, meticulously crafted to nurture and enhance your skin's beauty. Experience the Jojo Pop Up Shop difference and treat yourself to the ultimate skincare indulgence.

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  • By Antoinette J.

    I noticed that I didn't wake up with ashy legs like I do when using store-bought lotion. This whipped body butter is a keeper.

  • By John

    It's only been a week, and the body butter has cleared those patches on my arms.

  • By Michelle J.

    I woke up with moisturized feet. Being diabetic, I needed something to prevent them from cracking.

  • By Cheryl S.

    The Noir Amber candle smells great and burns longer than I expected. I love how I can moisturize my dry heels with it at bedtime while the candle is burning.

  • By Christianna

    I love GiGi's Hair Softening oil; it softens my daughter's hair, and there's no more crying. I'm so glad it has gentle ingredients for her hair.

  • By Estelle C.

    My niece loved the lip gloss kit for her birthday. I can't wait to get one for my granddaughter for Christmas.