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Soothes your itchy and flaky scalp with our Beautiful Queen Organic hair oilThis lightweight formula works to strengthen your hair strands to fight breakage to promote length retention! 


- Softens hair

- Makes hair manageable

- Soothes Itchy and Dry Scalp

- Strengthens Hair Strands



Consult your physician for any medical issues. 

Do not ingest. For topical use only.














Introducing Princess Gigi's Kids Hair Oil - the ultimate solution for happy, healthy, and manageable hair for your little princesses and princes.

No more ouch! This specially formulated oil aids in shrinkage, softens hair, and makes combing a breeze.

Crafted with love, Princess Gigi's Kids Hair Oil is a delightful blend of Nigella Sativa (seed extract), Prunus Amygdalus (Almond oil), Macadamia Ternifolia (nut extract), Tricicum Vulgare (wheat germ oil), and Citrus Limonum (E.O).

These carefully selected ingredients work together to provide deep nourishment for your child's tender scalp and hair.

Awaken, refresh, and invigorate your child's curls with Princess Gigi's Kids Hair Oil.

It leaves the hair shaft smooth, hydrated, and adds a beautiful shine to their curls. With this oil, you'll find that their hair becomes incredibly manageable, making styling a breeze.

Not only does Princess Gigi's Kids Hair Oil make hair more manageable, but it also promotes hair growth. Watch as your child's hair flourishes and becomes even more beautiful over time.

With an 8-ounce bottle, Princess Gigi's Kids Hair Oil ensures long-lasting use, providing ongoing nourishment and care for your child's hair. Embrace the joy of seeing your little ones' hair stronger, longer, softer, and more manageable.

Treat your child's hair like royalty with Princess Gigi's Kids Hair Oil. Order now and discover the wonders of deeply nourished, beautiful hair for your little prince or princess.

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  • By Antoinette J.

    I noticed that I didn't wake up with ashy legs like I do when using store-bought lotion. This whipped body butter is a keeper.

  • By John

    It's only been a week, and the body butter has cleared those patches on my arms.

  • By Michelle J.

    I woke up with moisturized feet. Being diabetic, I needed something to prevent them from cracking.

  • By Cheryl S.

    The Noir Amber candle smells great and burns longer than I expected. I love how I can moisturize my dry heels with it at bedtime while the candle is burning.

  • By Christianna

    I love GiGi's Hair Softening oil; it softens my daughter's hair, and there's no more crying. I'm so glad it has gentle ingredients for her hair.

  • By Estelle C.

    My niece loved the lip gloss kit for her birthday. I can't wait to get one for my granddaughter for Christmas.