Step-By-Step Healthy & Shiny Hair Care Routine

Step-By-Step Healthy & Shiny Hair Care Routine

Step-By-Step Healthy & Shiny Hair Care Routine 

Healthy and shiny hair is the dream of almost every woman. Hair is an essential attribute of female beauty. Like our skin, our hair also demands proper nutrition and care to stay healthy and look healthy.


What is your hair care routine and what hair care products you are using determine the health and quality of your hair.


There are more than thousands of products available in the market for hair care. Which product to choose has become so confusing because everyone selling out there is advocating that they are selling the best quality products.


No worries. We will help give you the basis on which you should choose your hair care products in your best interest.


Remember the words of our grandmothers, they used to advise us to apply aloe vera juice or amla paste or hibiscus juice etc. on the hair. They believe in natural ingredients that are directly derived from the earth. And we all know their advice was golden. Natural ingredients provide long-lasting effects without damaging our hair.


In this busy generation, it is difficult for women to take out time from their busy schedules to prepare these homemade pastes and juices to apply to their hair. And that's where organic and natural hair care products come into play.


Jojo Pop Up Shop provides the best hair care products that are 100% bio certified and contain no paraben and no sulfate. It provides the best hair products that solve almost every hair problem such as hair fall, dry scalp, dandruff, dry & thinning strands, split ends, postpartum shedding, dry & frizzy hairs, and weak hair, hair knots, etc.


Follow these step-by-step hair care routines to maintain healthy and shiny hair.


1. Hair Oiling

Hair oiling is the practice of pouring some oil onto the scalp and hair strands and thoroughly massaging it in a circular motion using fingertips on the scalp and from the roots of hair strands to their tips to enhance moisture, luster, and shine. 


It is usually recommended to leave the hair oil overnight for best results by covering the head with a towel or shower cap. However, as per some experts, 4-5 hours is also sufficient for absorbing vital nutrients from oil into the scalp and hair strands. 


Hair oiling helps in making hair soft and scalp healthy by providing vitamins and minerals that usually get stripped from frequent washing. According to some experts, applying oil to the hair helps in dry scalp treatment and hair growth treatment.


When gently applied to the scalp in a circular motion, oil helps in scalp exfoliation and retains moisture to prevent hair dryness and protects hair from regular wear and tear.


Hair oiling can treat hair loss and improves hair growth. According to Garodia, oiling helps strengthen the hair shaft, especially in the case of frizzy and dry hair. It’s most beneficial when the oil is left in the hair overnight.

What oil should you use?


Hair Growth Oil By JoJo Pop Up Shop

Hair Growth Oil By JoJo Pop Up Shop

Our herbal fast hair growth oil is a powerhouse that helps grow your hair faster, longer, and stronger. It can be used on relaxed hair or natural hair.

Handcrafted with an exclusive and unique natural blend of oils and herbal extracts (such as Hibiscus, Fenugreek, Champaca Seeds, Marorfal, Idampuri, Pulankilangu, Curry Leaves, Ranvara, Vetiver, Vembalam Bark, plus 8 other vital herbs) Hair Growth Oil By JoJo Pop Up Shop is the ultimate hair fall treatment product that helps in thickening hair and reducing hair fall.


Benefits include:

  1. Reduce postpartum shedding
  2. Repair thinning edges
  3. Help to fill in thin/balding areas
  4. Enhance the thickening of hair strands
  5. Promote hair-softening
  6. Hair fall treatment
  7. Prevents gray hair and dandruff

Directions: Massage the oil into your scalp using an applicator tip/dropper. For best results, we suggest using 3-5 times a week.


2. Pree-Pooing

Exposure to heat, environmental pollution, chemical treatments, and coloring can result in dry, damaged, or brittle hair. Hair oiling, shampooing and conditioning might not be sufficient to bring back your vibrant and soft locks. You might need to add Pre-pooing into your hair care routine.


Pree-poo is a short form for the term "pre-shampoo". It is the process of applying the hair treatment to your hair shafts before shampooing to provide a protective layer because shampooing can strip out moisture from your hair. And putting on conditioner after shampooing is not always enough to restore lost moisture & untangle if you have curly and kinky hair.


Generally, people with curly and kinky hair prefer Pree-poo to make it easier to untangle their hair and provide nourishment. However, people of any hair texture can benefit from Pree-pooing. It helps revive dry, brittle and damaged hair and makes it easy to untangle knots. 


What Pree-poo should you use?


Oh My Chebe Hair Growth Pre-poo Treatment By JoJo Pop Up Shop

Oh My Chebe Pre-poo

Our Oh My Chebe Hair Growth Pre-poo Treatment is composed of all organic moisturizing ingredients that help in dry hair treatment and promote hair growth.


Ingredients: Distilled Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Cetearyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, Polyquaternium 37, Raw Honey, Lavender Croton, Prunus Mahaleb, Reisin, Clove, Olea Europaea(Olive)Oil, Marshmallow (Althea Officinalis) root extract, Panthenol, Botanical blend, Tea tree Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Caramel, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol & Ethylglycerin.


Benefits include:

  • adds extra moisture to dry locks
  • promotes softer, vibrant hair
  • makes it easier to detangle hair
  • boosts the effectiveness of the conditioner, resulting in stronger locks and less breakage


Directions: Pree-pooing is done before shampooing and conditioning. This Pree-poo product is applied to dry hair to lock the moisture in your hair before you wash your hair. To simplify the Pree-poo process, divide your hair into several sections based on the length and thickness of your hair. This way, you can easily and evenly apply the product to your hair. Coat your hair from root to tip with the product.


Once the product has been applied to each section, use a wide-toothed comb to carefully detangle the hair in each section.


As a general practice, leave the pre-poo product on your hair for at least 30 minutes before shampooing. Certainly, the longer the pre-poo product stays on the hair, the better the results.


If you prefer, poo-poo earlier in the day, and wash your hair several hours later. Or, pre-poo overnight. This includes applying protective products to your hair at night, wrapping your hair with a scarf, and washing it in the morning.


3. Shampooing

Shampooing is one of the most important parts of a healthy hair care routine. It is mainly made for scalp cleansing and not for hair strands. Depending on the intensity of shampoo used, it is recommended to first dilute it with water and then massage it on the scalp for 30 seconds. Remember to wet your hair properly for even distribution and better lathering of shampoo. Wash your hair properly to make sure no residue is left on your scalp and hair shafts.


How frequently should one shampoo?


Most of us apply shampoo once or twice a week.


Depending upon the hair texture and scalp nature, one should determine their shampooing frequency. Some might need to wash their hair daily, in that case, they must choose a mild shampoo. While some might not need to shampoo regularly, therefore, lowering the frequency is important for texture and growth.


If you’re facing any issues while shampooing, consulting a dermatologist can help you get better results.


What Shampoo should you use?


Hibiscus & Aloe Vera Moisturizing Shampoo Bar

Hibiscus & Aloe Vera Moisturizing Shampoo Bar

A revolutionary shampoo bar! It contains no preservatives or harmful chemicals.

Infused with organic aloe vera juice and sweet hibiscus flowers, this organic shampoo bar helps to gently cleanse hair, untangle hair knots, and leave your hair feeling super soft and smooth.


Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Hibiscus powder, Vegetable Oil Blend (Olive Oil, Organic Sustainable Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter), Water, Bentonite Clay, Fragrance, Rhassoul Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, Illite Clay, Kaolin Clay. 


4. Conditioning

Hair conditioning is done after shampooing to replenish the moisture and oil content lost due to many factors such as shampooing, weather changes, environmental pollution, heating tools and strong chemicals. This hair treatment restores hydration by penetrating deep into the hair shaft and leaves your hair looking healthy, soft and silky.


According to some research, hair conditioning helps in improving the manageability of the hair as well. And according to hair care experts, using conditioner after shampooing prevents dry, frizzy and damaged hair.


What Conditioner should you use?


Oh My Hibiscus & Honey Deep Conditioner

Oh My Hibiscus & Honey Deep Conditioner

Oh My Hibiscus & Honey Deep Conditioning Moisturizing Hair Mask is one of the best selling natural hair products of Jojo Pop Up Shop and it is handmade 100% plant-based and contains no paraben and sulfate. It encourages hair growth by stimulating blood circulation and thickens hair. This deep conditioning hair moisturizer completely replenishes the moisture in your hair shaft and restores dry and brittle hair.


Ingredients: Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Cetrimonium chloride, Raw Honey, Hibiscus powder, Cetearyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, Shea butter, Oatmeal Extract, Rosemary essential oil, Silk protein, Brassica Oleracea (Broccoli) Seed Oil, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Vit E(Tocopherol), Phenoxyethanol (and) Ethylhexylglycerin


Directions :

Distribute evenly to wet, clean hair in sections, using fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Leave it for 5 - 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use weekly for best results. For intensive repair, cover hair with a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer or a blow dryer in a warm setting for 10 minutes.



Hope this blog helped you figure out your hair care routine and find the right products for your hair care.

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